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We specialize in providing application assistance on many different types of projects.
We will identify the appropriate licensing agencies that have jurisdiction over the level and type
of education you want to offer. In business since 1995, we have helped clients establish over
275 educational institutions, including prestigious accredited degree granting universities.
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Notes Regarding The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education in California.

The BPPE (Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education) website is at
This agency is a division of the California Department of Consumer Affairs.
Most degree granting institutions and vocational or language schools that charge
more than $2,500 for a program of study are required to apply for approval to operate.
The law provides for specific exemptions. Call us for details.

At SchoolBuilderPlus we provide assistance on many different types of projects.
An assortment of application forms is available on the Bureau's website.
In business since 1994, we have helped to establish over 300 educational institutions, including accredited degree granting schools.
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Links to Typical State Licensing or Approval Agencies
............................................. Texas                New Jersey              Ohio                    Illinois             North Carolina  
Contact Information Provided
Each of the state seals, above, is linked to the related state
approving agency established to oversee the licensing of privately
owned and operated postsecondary institutions in that state. These
agencies have oversight and enforcement authority over the ESL
Vocational Schools, Degree Granting Colleges and Universities.

In many cases, these agencies have a department which also acts
as the state approving agency empowered to assist veterans and
their qualifying family members secure financial assistance under
Title 38.
Help is available. If you are concerned that you don't have the
time or the experience required to draft an application, catalog,
curriculum presentation, enrollment agreement, or other specialized
school, college or university documents, we welcome your call. We
have provided these services for 20 years!
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We Specialize in Preparing State Required Applications
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Lawrence Golda is co-founder of SchoolBuilderPlus.Com, a proprietary school consulting firm located in Whittier California. He has helped over 275
individuals and corporations secure state approval to operate vocational schools colleges and universities. He has served clients from Singapore,
Korea, Japan, Spain, England, India, South America, China, Cameroon and Canada. During his 20 years of work serving the private postsecondary
community he has assisted clients in many states from Hawaii to New York. He has assisted schools through the accreditation process and has
specialized in securing accreditation for ESL schools from San Diego to Boston. Before founding his consulting company, Mr. Golda taught Speech
and English at two California community colleges and worked as the compliance officer for a number of State of California approved institutions. He
has designed student databases, published policy handbooks, assisted clients in curriculum development projects for both vocational and degree
granting schools, and developed operations manuals addressing a variety of topics. Among his clients were the City of Los Angeles, Drexel
University, and a number of attorneys. He holds an Associate degree, from Cerritos Community College, a Bachelors degree, and a Masters degree
in Speech Communications from California State University Fullerton.