CAMTC and Massage Program - School Approvals
CAMTC is not a school approval agency. It is an agency created to protect the public
by certifying qualified massage practitioners and massage therapists in the state of

Agency Status
Although it is a relatively new agency, CAMTC Has processed more than 22,000
applications and issued about 16,000 certifications since the agency was established
and began accepting applications in late July of 2009.

Applicable Law
California Business and Professions Code Section 4600 et seq.

Relevance to Massage School Operators
While this is not a school approval agency, it is an agency of importance and
relevance to those entities involved in the training of massage practitioners and
massage therapists. The agency implements what is termed a voluntary certification
for the massage therapy profession. One of the stated goals is to help consumers
"easily identify credible certified massage therapists and certified massage

CAMTC also exists to ensure that massage professionals have completed what is
termed "sufficient training and approved schools" and to "increase education and
training standards consistent with other states."

Those applicants seeking to be certified as massage therapists must have completed
a minimum of 500 hours of formal education and training in massage therapy

The alternative to certification as a massage therapist is certification as a massage
practitioner. Practitioner certification is available to those individuals who have
received a minimum of 250 hours of training from an approved school. Additionally,
that training must include at least 100 hours of instruction in anatomy and
physiology, contraindications to massage, health and hygiene, and business and
ethics. For a complete statement regarding qualifications for certification please visit
this agency's website.
California Massage Therapy Council
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